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Answers for O’Reilly PR

The O’Reilly public relations people asked me to answer some questions about the new Intermediate Perl so they can prepare materials for reviewers and the press. As a reader of this website, however, you get the answers before they do, and you get my full answers, which might show up as edited excerpts in O’Reilly’s […]

Syntax coloring in Intermediate Perl PDF

O’Reilly wants to try an experiment with the Intermediate Perl PDF. We’re not limited by the physical process of putting ink on paper (and it’s a bit expensive to have more than one color of ink). I’m just going to show you the images and let you tell me what you think.

Fixing bugs instead of explaining them

David Golden, one of the reviewers for Intermediate Perl, gave me extensive comments about one of the test program examples in the book. I made a simple example using Test::Output, a module I sometimes use but didn’t write. It solved my needs at the time, but it has some issues. Perl’s output is complicated, and […]

The Alpaca is on its way

O’Reilly now has Intermediate Perl, Second Edition. Just this morning, in time for the open of business on the East Coast, I finished fixing the final reviewer comments. I went through over 300 pages of extensive comments:

Writing with text-to-speech feedback

As I’m working on the next edition of Intermediate Perl, I’m letting the computer read it back to me. I use Mac::Speech, part of the old Perl Carbon interface.