The Alpaca is on its way

O’Reilly now has Intermediate Perl, Second Edition. Just this morning, in time for the open of business on the East Coast, I finished fixing the final reviewer comments. I went through over 300 pages of extensive comments:

320 pages of this, from three different reviewers

This doesn’t mean that the book is done. The publisher does their bit with indexers, proofreaders, and the authors checking the book again. There’s usually a few things to fix after that, and, once, fixed, the books go to the printers. The printers send it to the distributors, who send it to the sellers. After all of this, we should have the actual bound paper version around July, but probably not in time for you to walk away from OSCON holding one.

The book isn’t available for pre-order yet, but O’Reilly should add it to their Rough Cuts early editions program so you can see it sooner than the printers. It’s available for pre-order from the O’Reilly site, but I haven’t seen it available anywhere else yet. We’re working on that.