Moose in the Alpaca

We’re putting Moose, the “postmodern object system for Perl 5”, in Intermediate Perl, but only as a short introduction. If you want more coverage, you should still look at Moose by Dave Rolsky and Stevan Little.

We started with Randal’s columns from Linux Magazine way back in 2007: “The Moose is Flying (Part 1)” and “The Moose is Flying (Part 2)”. We’ve updated it and showed a couple more topics.

If you’re a Moose user and would like to see what we’ve put together before it goes into the book, especially to ensure that we’re doing all the right things with the latest practices.

We’re also looking for a limited number of people to review larger sections of the book. You’ll get a sneak peek at the book, and we’ll do something nice for you once the book comes out.