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AppVeyor combined Linux and Windows Perl module testing

AppVeyor is starting to support Ubuntu builds so I’m playing with some configurations for that by adjusting the pure Windows config I wrote about earlier.

Skipping automated coverage testing for v5.8 on Travis

Previously I had a kludge to allow coverage testing on v5.8 through Travis CI. I used cpanm to install exactly Devel::Cover 1.23 because it supported v5.8. The problem now is that it doesn’t support v5.26 and my automated testing fails.

Automated Testing on Windows with AppVeyor

You can test Perl on Windows with continuous integration through AppVeyor. I previously showed an example of with Travis CI but that was limited to Linux. You can easily set up an account through GitHub (or other means), select projects to test, and let it do its work.

Using an older version of Devel::Cover to test v5.8

I’ve had a problem with automated coverage testing and v5.8 (the oldest Perl that I support). Devel::Cover made some changes after 1.23 so that it doesn’t guarantee support for v5.8 and earlier. It might work but you’re lucky if it is.

Automated testing with Travis CI

Intermediate Perl shows the basics of Perl testing. We show you how to write test programs and how to run those from the command line. That’s the language-specific stuff and within the scope of the book. You can take it further though. You can set up your code in a “continuous integration” system that runs […]