Get 50% off Perl ebooks, including Intermediate Perl

You can buy Intermediate Perl now, directly from O’Reilly in ebook form. For the next week, you can buy it for 50% off using discount code WKPER5.

50% off

Every ebook from O’Reilly is DRM free and come in PDF, ePub, and Mobi formats. If you’ve authorized O’Reilly’s Dropbox app, once you’ll purchase the books they’ll sync to your Dropbox account (in ~/Dropbox/Apps/O’Reilly Media). You can read them on any device anywhere you are.

The print version is still making its way out of the printers and to distributors, but we expect it to show up in the next three weeks.

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  1. I bought some monhts ago the earlier version and I missed the week with 50% discount. Is O’Reilly offering a discount to the owners of the old one?

  2. Like Adriano, I’ll go for the 50% discount…but missed it by “THAT” much…

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